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Search tips:

To search by age or price, just enter a number in the box and select the appropriate button. Only one number can be entered (no ranges). If more than one number is entered, only the first number will be used. Results will be sorted from highest price to lowest.

For keyword searching, the search tool normally looks for all products that contain any of the words you entered. So if you search for machine gun it will find all products that have the word machine or the word gun in it's keyword list.

If you want only products that have BOTH words machine AND gun, just enter machine and gun . This will find all products that have both of these words, including things like "this gun is a fine machine".

If you only want to find the phrase "machine gun", then use quotes, like this- "machine gun" This will only return items with that specific phrase.

Suppose you want to find all of our machines that are not guns. Just enter it like this- machine not gun. Get the idea?

For more complex searches, this system allows boolean (AND/OR/NOT), parentheses(), and wild-card* stemming queries. Examples:

gun and airsoft or rubberband
gun and (airsoft or rubberband)
not (rubberband or airsoft) and gun
air* and gun

Resulting matches are based on stems of the words in your query. A search for 'shooting' will return matches for 'shooting', 'shooter', 'shoot', etc.